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Cambodia - Thailand joint trade event, namely Buyer - Seller Meet 2017 aimed at bringing together
potential trading partners from both countries who would take advantage of this event to identify
opportunity of widening products’ market and customers. The event was under funding support of
Mekong Institute (MI) through Japan - ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) and as part of the action plan
(AP) on cross - border trade event between twin border countries during the Regional Training on
Trade Events Promotion organized by the MI on June 12 - 16, 2017 at its Residential Training Center,
Khon Kaen, Thailand.

MI organized the training program by realizing the significance of trade promotion through the
development of trade events in twin - border countries along the SEC. One of the main objectives of
the training program was to strengthen skills in planning, conduct effective trade events, and monitor
the success of the event in order to promote cross - border trade and investment in the SEC.
Training participants from the Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam (CMTV) were provided
practical inputs to implement joint cross - border trade event to reinforce collaboration between the
cross - national Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) in promoting business network for SMEs in
order to 1) eventually increase the cross - border trade; and 2) apply skills and knowledge gained
from the training program in the field level, to reinforce collaboration and business networking for
respective local SMEs, to promote a wider array of goods and services that can be showcased, with a
view to create a platform for companies / enterprises to interact, exchange contacts and discuss
business opportunities as well as engage in trade activities.

Beside the buyer and seller meeting, there was also a separate meeting between the provincial
governor with Koh Kong and Trat Chambers of Commerce. The meeting was considered as the first
step in the dialogue between Chamber of Commerces from both countries to discuss joint - border
business and trade. This short time meeting established a mechanism to connect, which contribute to
the enlargment of trade and investment activities through key stakeholders from both countries.

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