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The participants of the Regional Training on Trade Events Promotion from Vietnam and Cambodia, including those from Cambodia’s Kampong Chhnang and Svay Rieng provinces and Vietnam’s Tay Ninh province, jointly developed and implemented an action plan (AP) on Cambodia - Vietnam Business Matching on October 25, 2017 at the WaiKor Hotel, Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia.

The event was supported by the Mekong Institute (MI) through Japan - ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) and had an active coordination by the Department of Commerce and the Department of Industry and handicrafts of Cambodia's Svay Rieng and Kampong Chhnang provinces, and the Trade Promotion Center of Vietnam's Tay Ninh Province. The event provided opportunities for business cooperation, networking and business expansion among the SMEs and the prospective investors from Cambodia and Vietnam.

Fifty-one (51) business delegates participated in the event. Among, twenty-eight (28) were from Cambodia and twenty-three (23) were from Vietnam. They included SMEs from agriculture, tourism, medical and education sectors as well as public and private trade promotion organizations (TPOs) from Cambodia’s Kampong Chhnang and Svay Rieng provinces and Vietnam’s Tay Ninh province.

At the event, various business talks were conducted among participants from Cambodia and Vietnam and they established business collaboration and network. Smach Paddy Association (SPA) of Cambodia’s Svay Rieng province negotiated with the Tay Ninh Chamber of Commerce regarding purchasing Smach Red Rice from the association.  

According to the result of the post event evaluation, participants were satisfied with the event, especially in terms of the establishment of business collaboration and network. The participants also expressed their willingness to follow up with the potential buyers they met at the event to place their commitment into action. Participants also provided several suggestions for further improvement of the event including (i) more flexible and time - rich program schedule; (ii) need for multi-lingual interpreter; and (iii) need for more financial resource.  

Please click here to download the report.