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  • Topics:

    Final Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting (June 18, 2018)

  • Location:

    Khon Kaen

  • Start Date:

    18 Jun 2018

  • End Date:
    2018-06-18 12:00:00

    18 Jun 2018

Event Description

Members of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) for the project, "Enhancing Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Southern Economic Corridor of ASEAN Mekong Subregion" will gather at MI for the Final PSC Meeting on June 18, 2018.

The meeting will present to the PSC members the project's overall performance since its launch in February 2016 until the project end in January this year. Also to be discussed are recommendations and inputs for the next phase of the project. The PSC is comprised of representatives from the national Ministries of Commerce/Industry and Chambers of Commerce/Industry of Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as from the Asian Development Bank and Japan.

The Project is supported by the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund.

Download the Final PSC Meeting Concept Note and Program Schedule.