Corporate Status: Limited Liabilities
Business Type: Producer, Retail, Processor, Exporter, Wholesaler, Service Provider
Business Sector: Agriculture, Services
No. of employee: Over 500
Year establishment: 1994
Main products:
  • 1) Production: Fresh Tapioca Starch
  • 2) Trade: Distribution system
  • 3) General Services: CANA Entertainment Center + Sunrise Hotel

Hung Duy Company originated from a traditional hand-made tapioca starch factory located in Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province, operating with rudimentary production equipment before 1975 and the number of workers Only about 15 people. The daily capacity of producing and consuming about 20 tons of fresh tapioca and about 5 tons of tapioca starch to supply to the market. After the accumulation of capital and production experience, Hung Duy Company was established at the end of 1994. With the leadership of Mr. Le Huu Hung - Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director, together with the synergy of the staff of skilled and experienced workers, after more than 22 years of construction and development. , Hung Duy Company has gradually affirmed itself as a big company in Tay Ninh market with a total staff of more than 1051 staffs, young, dynamic and eager to learn, join in the field The core business activities of the Company are: Production, Trade and General Services.

The main current business lines in the Company include:

1. Distribution: The most prestigious products in Tay Ninh: Unilever, Kinh Do, Vinamilk, Bourbon, Kimberly-Clark, Castrol BP, Petrolimex, Vina Kyoei, Binh Tay, PV Oil, Masan with branches of lion beer, Chinsu, Cafe PHO, TUONG AN, Singgum, Abbott milk, Masan consumer goods, Nest Quintes, ...; 4,340 stalls

2. Wheat starch production: With a quality standard system that has conquered the Asian market; Production output has reached 200,000 tons per year.

3. Health Sector: With Cao Van Chi General Hospital; 150 beds.

4. Entertainment Services Sector: Cana Entertainment & Trading Center - the first entertainment area in Tay Ninh with 50,000m2;

5. Hotel: Sunrise is the first 4-star hotel in Tay Ninh with 110 rooms.


The company is currently implementing a quality management system for the whole company in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 (Certificate No. 2015-QMS-1334 second revision on 14/07/2015). At the same time, the system of Hung Duy Wheat Starch Factory has been granted quality management certification in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005, 14001: 2004 and HALAL certification from January 2016.

Target markets
Domestic markets
Top 3 destination cities
  • Tay Ninh
Portion of sales: HCM city
International markets
Top 3 destination countries
Portion of sales: ASIAN countries

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General Contact
Fax.: 66.3830099
Company’s legal representative
Position: General manager
250 Ly Thuong Kiet, Quarter 4, Hoa Thanh, 840000, Can Tho, VIET NAM
Focal Contact
Name Surname Division/Dept. Position Mobile Tel Email
1 MINH TRUC LE General manager 8466.3830099 8466.3830099 [email protected]

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