Song Hau Food Company Can Tho, VIET NAM

Corporate Status: Co-operation
Business Type: Producer, Retail, Processor, Exporter
Business Sector: Manufacturing
No. of employee: 301-500
Year establishment: 1999
Main products:
  • 1) Specific product and services: Rice food agricultural food
  • 2) Specific product and services: port service warehouse landing and transportation service
  • 3) Specific product and services: produce and run business about PP packages

Song Hau Food Company is a member of Southern Food Corporation, established under Decision No. 72/1999 / QĐ.BNNTCCB dated 02/05/1999 of Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD)

+ Member of the Vietnam Food Association (VFA).

+ Member of Vietnam Seaports Association (VPA)

Field of work:

Trading in export and domestic consumption of food and agricultural products:

  - Trading rice export.

  - Organize wholesale and retail sale of rice, broken rice, bran, agricultural products and foodstuffs on the domestic market.

  - Signing the consumption of farmer's products in key rice areas and special rice areas.

Providing seaport services, warehousing and transportation services.

Producing and trading all kinds of PP bags.

Target markets
Domestic markets
Top 3 destination cities
  • Hue
  • Can Tho
Portion of sales: Soc Trang
International markets
Top 3 destination countries
No products/services available yet
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General Contact
Fax.: 0292 3 841 300
Company’s legal representative
Name: Thanh Phong Nguyen
Position: Director
Can tho , Can Tho, VIET NAM
Focal Contact
Name Surname Division/Dept. Position Mobile Tel Email
1 Thanh Phong Nguyen Director 02923 841418 02923 841418 [email protected]

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