Thummadee (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Sa-Kaeo, THAILAND

Corporate Status: Limited Liabilities
Business Type: Producer, Retail, Wholesaler
Business Sector: Agriculture, Manufacturing
No. of employee: 21-50
Year establishment:
Main products:
  • Skincare product
  • Hair spa
  • Aromatherapy spa oil

Beauty products
1. skincare product
2. hair spa
3. aromatherapy spa oil

“Thummadee, Good for heart, good for you”

Target markets
Domestic markets
Top 3 destination cities
International markets
Top 3 destination countries

Promotional materials
Trade capacity
Monthly average:
Volume: N/A
Value: 0 USD
Annual average:
Volume: N/A
Value: 0 USD
No products/services available yet
No requests submitted yet!
General Contact
Website: @ThummadeeSK
Company’s legal representative
Name: Ms. Aoytip Jumjod
Position: President
543 Suvarnasorn road, Tumbol Takasem, 27000, Sa-Kaeo, THAILAND
Focal Contact
Name Surname Division/Dept. Position Mobile Tel Email
1 Ms. Aoytip Jumjod President +66819152095 [email protected]

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